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2018-01-16 17:14:39


Hi, I’m Maki (^o^)

January through March is the best season for whale watching in Okinawa.

One of the most popular whale watching tours in Okinawa, in 2015 over 18,500 guests hopped on board to see majestic 15 meter long whales in their natural habitat. Departing from Chatan (near the Onna area), enjoy a morning or afternoon cruise near the Kerama Islands or off the coast Zanpa. Every year Alaskan humpback whales come to spend the winter months and rear their young in the warm waters of Okinawa.

Whales are mammals just like humans, so they are not dive in the ocean all the time. They come out of the water to breathe.
You can see them spectacular body !!
Come get to know these beautiful creatures!

This is called “blow” (Whale breathing)

This cloud of mist will be a guide to find a whale because of it can be seen for miles.

Most spectacular of all the whale behaviors, breaches are when the whale jumps clear of the water.
Many reasons have been suggested for why whales breach. It may be to communicate with other whales nearby, dislodge parasites from their skin, stun prey or simply for fun.

Whale watching tours depart twice daily from Chatan Fisherina. The tours will run through end of March

The tour is ¥4,200 for adults, ¥3,200 for kids 6 ~ 12, and ¥1,300 for those ages 5 and under.

※Booking from this site will discount you.

[1st tour]  Meeting time 9:00/Departure 9:30

[2st tour]  Meeting time 13:00/Departure 13:30

[Meeting point]  Uminchu Warf 1F

54Mihama, Chatan town, Nakagami country, Okinawa 904-0015

[Map code]  33 555 083*48

*Free parking available

[Include]  life jacket, rain coat

or Please book by e-mail ⇒


①The tour may be cancelled due to weather or sea conditions.  If the tour is cancelled for these reasons, cancellation fees will not be charged.

②If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend you only eat a light meal and take medicine for motion sickness 30minutes before the tour.

③You may be get wet from the splash, so we recommend that you wear waterproof and warm clothing since it can be cold out on the water. The life jacket is included in a price.

④We recommend that you wear flat shoes like sneakers as the deck might get wet and slippery. *Please do not wear high heels.

⑤For reasons of safety, pregnant women and people who have had alcohol  are not allowed on the tours.

⑥We reserve the right to refuse your child’s boarding because of sea conditions.

⑦In the event no whale is sighted, You can join whale watching tour again for free (valid until March 31,2018)

⑧If even one person sights a whale, you will not be eligible for a free tour. We ask for your understanding in advance.

⑨If you cancel your tour on the day reserved, you will be charged the full rate  for the activity. This does not apply to cancellation by operator due to sea conditions.

⑩We accept only Japanese Yen in cash. We don’t accept credit card. Sorry for inconvenience.